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English web pages launched

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Pikkarala Frisbeegolf is pleased to launch English web pages of Pikkarala Frisbeegolf. The pages are a subset of the Finnish web pages, and they include the most vital information about Pikkarala Frisbeegolf´s courses for people who are interested in disc golf activities at Pikkarala. The management board of Pikkarala Frisbeegolf hopes that disc golfers can obtain relevant information to have fun on Pikkarala´s courses.

The English web pages contains the following subpages: home page, courses, fees & tickets. location, contacts and sponsors. The courses page includes the course maps of Pikkarala Frisbeegolf and the course videos (the commentary in Finnish). The fees & tickets page gives the information needed to buy day or annual tickets. The location page shows where the courses start. The contacts page contains the names and contact information of the management board. Finally, the sponsors page shows the companies which are supporting the building and maintenance of Pikkarala´s courses and other facilities.

All disc golfers are welcome to enjoy disc golf on Pikkarala Frisbeegolf courses.

Link to the English web pages: pikkaralafrisbeegolf.com

In Finnish:

Pikkarala Frisbeegolfin porukka on laatinut englannin kieliset nettisivut, jotka sisältävät ratojen perustietoja siten, että vieraskielinen frisbeegolfaaja voisi harrastaa frisbeegolfia Pikkaralan radoilla.

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